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Hello, I'm
George Percy

... and I'm the Global Head of Digital 
at WildKat creative agency in London, UK

What can I do?

I am an experienced marketing and communications leader with a proven ability to develop and implement effective data-led omnichannel marketing strategies that have supported international companies, institutions and artists for 13+ years.

Effective Digital Advertising

Being an expert in Google and META advertising platforms along with TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn and more, I established the go-to digital advertising service for classical music, working with over 100 clients across the globe.

Content Creation

Using my creative skills, I create video, audio and graphic content from start to finish. I develop content communicating your message from ideation to filming, editing, delivery and execution.

Leading Teams

Using my project management skills and training from John Lewis and the arts/music business, I have experience leading large teams (90+) and small (2-3). I am flexible in getting the most out of different-sized teams and globally scaling them effectively.


Current blogs and guides I've been involved in developing
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Do you own your Facebook page?
WildKat 01-03-2024

“Of course I do, I log into Facebook with my email to manage it, and the page is under my name”.

We’ve worked with a number of people who don’t actually have ownership of their Facebook page.

Here are some steps to check:

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Three Digital Music Marketing Trends We Noticed In 2023!
WildKat 19-12-2023

This year has been a hectic one for the digital landscape. Elon Musk’s trailing changes to Twitter/X, TikTok being a large part of a political cold war, In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, staying …

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Fake Accounts PSA
WildKat 03-10-2023

What are these fake and copycat accounts, and how do we stop them?

Fake accounts are created for a number of reasons. They can be made by fans with non-malicious intent, or they can be made …

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About Me

As the Global Head of Digital at WildKat, I lead the digital wing of the company and oversee multiple marketing, social media, and digital advertising campaigns for worldwide niche clients. With more than 13 years of experience in marketing and communications, I have a proven track record of developing and executing effective omnichannel strategies that achieve high returns on ad spend, averaging 6.0.

I am passionate about using data-driven insights and cutting-edge technologies to create engaging and impactful campaigns that support the growth and success of businesses and artists in the creative sector. My expertise in Google and META advertising platforms, e-commerce, and data analytics has made me a recognised industry expert and a go-to consultant for classical music business strategy. I am committed to delivering excellence, collaboration, and innovation in everything I do.

Over the course of my career, I have led, scaled, and project-managed multidisciplinary teams of up to 90 people, who have executed and implemented effective modernisation techniques. I am passionate about using my expertise to lead teams in developing, growing and thriving in today's highly competitive landscape.


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